Huge Upcoming Events with MinestonePVP


Oct 31, 2018
The biggest update and upcoming events for MinestonePVP
Hello everyone! Today I was thinking about the server in detail, and something came to my mind that maybe having 3-4 different gamemodes isn't a good idea to start off with. I do agree in a way because then there is something for everyone then, but say 4 players join at once, and they all like different servers, they are going to be on their chosen server on their own and will eventually get bored.

Earlier on, I checked the server's stats across the network we have at the moment. We have had a total of 67 different players (checked with IPs) join our network over the past few weeks it's been open. A problem of them not staying online is mostly because of the different servers we have, as they have no one to speak to or play with online.

I have come to the conclusion that our server will only have 1 gamemode and we will concentrate on that single server until our playerbase rises. The server we are going to be concentrating on is PvP. I bet your thinking how would having 1 single server increase a server's playerbase, well let me explain:
  1. It will have players online at all times (when the playerbase is known to MinestonePVP) because it will be our only server and it will be the best, unique and detailed PvP server out there, I can promise that with the ideas I have in mind.
  2. Choosing PvP as our main gamemode came across from majority of our players that have joined over the past few weeks, have joined PvP and played there. Not many went on our other servers.
  3. Another thing, concentrating on 1 server makes the gamemode more smooth to play with bugs/performance issues get resolved quicker than before (as of having 3-4 servers it was hard to maintain all of them.
  4. We can constantly add new features and things into the PvP server to meet everyone's liking and needs for it to please them while playing here.
We have made this decision from the following reasons above, and for the next week or so you will see our current servers begin to be removed from our network 1 by 1. And PvP will become the new main server. I hope you do agree with this decision as the people I have privately asked (main players, staffs and a few friends) have agreed with this decision.

The PvP server will be the MinestonePVP single server by Friday 14th December, ready for Christmas. I'll also give you guys an early present too, with a sale of 30% off everything on the store starting Saturday 15th December.

Get ready for the new MinestonePVP, coming soon. Any questions ask on our discord or private message me on the forums, thanks.

- Owner of MinestonePVP