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Dec 10, 2018
Your member/in game name?

My ingame name is “dinodon12”.

Your past usernames:

I have not had any past usernames in Minecraft.

What is your real name?:

My real name is Anibal Fernando Araya Reyes but I usually just use Anibal Araya Reyes.

Your age:

I am 14 years of age as of the 2nd of November.


I live in Adelaide, Australia but was born in Chile, South America


Australian Central District Time (ACDT) Adelaide Time,

How long have you been playing?

I have been playing Minecraft for an estimate of 4 years and I play Minecraft after school frequently. I prioritise Minecraft over homework and other activities that I am able to do later.

Time usually spent on the servers?

I rarely play by myself on Minecraft. If possible; I play around the entire day after school on Minecraft servers. Reasons I may not be able to play Minecraft for a period of time are if I have sports on (Mondays, Wednesdays and sometimes Sundays but can fluctuate if my family and I don’t want to go on that day to the sports that I have committed too.) and if I have an unmissable event on such as a marriage that I have to go to or funeral or other events like that.

Do you have access to Discord? If so, what's your Discord name and # code?


Do you know any of our current staff members?

Qube - Helper

What can you bring to MinestonePVP?

I am dedicated with roles that I am trusted with and frequently show Team working skills and Perseverance. I have shown these traits in events that require leadership at school such as being sent back to my primary school along with other students to explain to primary school students how our high school works, what our school values are, what the pros and cons are of our high school and how to overcome the cons that could be faced by the primary schoolers.

I have persevered time and time again through primary school and now into my high school years. I have been given work tasks and assignments that I have found difficult but by asking questions, trying and not giving up, I have now learnt how to solve those problems and keep going with my education. I also know how to play a bit of bass guitar and acoustic guitar and have started to learn piano and tenor saxophone this year. According to my peers, friends and family, I have done very well in the skill I have gained in only this year of playing tenor saxophone and was accepted into a special music program I have in my high school on the spot at my audition without any sort of wait. At the start of the year, I found it very hard to play tenor sax because it was completely different to any other instrument that i had ever learnt and felt like quitting it but persevered and practiced until I was proud of how well I had gotten for a beginner.

There are many tasks that we have been given in school that we choose to work with others in a team. In all of those times, I have tried to finish my work at a relatively quick amount of time and at sound effort with good skill so I could go on to help my teammate(s) with their work and assist them with research or items that need to be collected to finish the task given.

I want to bring my skills of Perseverance and Team working to assist other staff members and the server to flourish into a server with a large, respectful and happy community.

Do you have experience as a Staff?

I do not. This is because on other Minecraft servers, even though I believe that my skills could help, already have a lot of staff and I feel my skills would be wasted and would be much more useful for a community that has just started and needs to grow larger.

How can we contact you?

I can be contacted in many ways that may include, Discord, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, but if needed I do have SMS/iMessage.

Thank you for taking my application into consideration, I hope to be accepted as I would be delighted to join the Staff Team on MinestonePvP.


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Nov 3, 2018
Hello dinodon12, thank you for applying for a staff position on MinstonePvP! Here is my opinion on your application and you in-general.
  • You seem mature
  • You seem very responsible
  • Your english is good
  • You did take time and seem dedicated to join the team
Application Rating (1/10): 6


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Oct 31, 2018
Hello dinodon12, thank you for applying for a staff position on MinstonePvP.
  • Your staff application has been set to considering.
You will soon receive an update on this thread within 24 hours.


Nov 1, 2018
Hello dinodon12, thank you for applying for a staff position on MinstonePvP.
  • Your staff application has been accepted.
You will soon be contacted on Discord regarding your application.
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